A Skilled and Knowledgeable Team Producing Exceptional Results

We're committed to training and investment

Over the years we have built a team which is skilled and knowledgeable at every level.

In ten years, PromeX has had no lost-time incidents

We tried outsourcing in the past, but the craftsmanship and quality of work simply couldn’t compare with our in-house team.

We commit to continuous training and investment in our staff. We provide incentives and celebrate our successes. By doing so we've built an expert team who are passionate about bringing you the best engineering solutions.

From the office to the shop floor, our team is equipped and connected, with over 50 years of combined experience in their field. That’s how we can provide complete, stress-free management of your project, with total quality assurance.


Two thirds of our team have been with us for at least five years

We're trusted manufacturers to some of the world's most demanding industries. Speak to us to get total peace of mind from concept to delivery.

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